Protect Your Interests By Engaging In Your Defense - Questions To Ask Your DUI Attorney

18 May 2017
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Very few mistakes are serious enough to derail the course of your life, but without taking the proper precautions, a charge of driving under the influence may have that potential. However, if you have open and honest communication with your attorney, you may be able to avoid that derailment and guarantee that you can progress down the right track.

Forming that communication bond requires you to get answers that can help guide you through the legal process. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your lawyer. These questions will allow you to seek out the necessary information to participate in your defense while allowing your lawyer to help correct this serious mistake.

Ask About Treatment

In many cases, the legal system is willing to make concessions to individuals who can be shown to have a dependency issue relating to drugs and alcohol. Even if such treatment isn't a necessary condition of the disposition of your case, it may be viewed favorably by the court as an attempt to correct your behavior.

Your attorney should be able to advise you on the positives and negatives of seeking out treatment and the ways in which you should be sure to document it. It's vital that you consult with your attorney ahead of time, however, so as to avoid the risk of showing consciousness of guilt.

Ask About Restitution

The financial penalties that come with a DUI can often times be the most daunting sanction you face. It's important that you begin preparing for that burden as quickly as possible so that you can demonstrate true remorse and responsibility when necessary.

While no two cases are identical, your attorney's experience should allow them to help you plan for the pending financial consequences. Developing a rough idea of your restitution costs will allow you to immediately start saving and creating a plan to shoulder that financial burden.

Ask About Communication

While it may feel like your life is put on hold by DUI proceedings, that's unlikely to be the case for all of the other participants. This can create friction with your attorney as you struggle to collect information and he or she struggles to balance their case load. Rather than allowing those frustrations to boil over, ask about a communication strategy that can keep you in the loop but out of your lawyer's hair, guaranteeing a positive working relationship through the duration of your case.

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