Defending Yoruself Against A Traffic Violation

9 June 2021
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Traffic infractions and violations can be among the most common reasons for individuals to find themselves facing legal problems. While traffic tickets and other infractions may be fairly routine, there is enough misinformation about these situations to make it hard for individuals to effectively manage these issues. Myth: Lawyers Can Only Help With Serious Traffic Infractions When a person is charged with a DUI or other serious traffic infraction, they may appreciate the benefits of having a professional attorney represent them. Read More 

Making Your DUI Arrest Even Worse

27 January 2021
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Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can be bad enough. DUI penalties can be extremely unforgiving, affecting defendants for years afterward. Things could get worse, though, if you are also accused of resisting arrest during the course of your law enforcement encounter. Read on to find out what this charge means to your DUI case. What Is Resisting Arrest? You may have seen dangerous car chases on TV where a suspect leads law enforcement down busy roads, running red lights and endangering innocent people. Read More