Questions Concerning DUI Charges

18 June 2017
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Being responsible when operating a car on public roads is one of the most important tasks that you can do. Unfortunately, being a distracted, impaired or otherwise negligent driver can have devastating effects on the lives of anyone that is involved in an accident with you. When individuals make the mistake of operating a car after they have been drinking, they can put themselves at risk of both being in an accident and being arrested for driving under the influence.

Is It Possible To Contest A DUI Charge?

When a person finds themselves facing a DUI charge, they may assume that there is simply no way for the to effectively contest the charges. Yet, an experienced defense attorney may be able to help you fight the charge in the court of law. For example, it can be possible to contest the results of the breathalyzer as these devices can frequently give false positive results. Additionally, an experienced attorney may be able to help you negotiate with the prosecutor so that you can arrange a plea deal that allows you to avoid the worst consequences of a DUI conviction.

What Can Happen If You Are Convicted Of A DUI?

If you have the unfortunate luck of being convicted of a DUI, there can be serious consequences that can follow. Many states will have laws that automatically suspend driver's licenses for individuals convicted of this offense. Additionally, extremely expensive fines can be levied on those found guilty of this crime. Another consequence of this conviction can be a substantial increase in the cost of future auto insurance policies. Lastly, it is possible to be sentenced to a jail sentence, mandated to attend substance abuse counseling or any other legal option that the judge sees fit.

Should You Attempt To Get A Public Defender?

The costs of hiring a defense attorney to help you avoid a conviction can be a daunting expense, and there are individuals that may attempt to avoid this expense by having a public defender appointed. While these are competent professionals, they are typically unable to provide their client with the type of individual time that a private attorney can offer. In some jurisdictions, a defendant may not meet with their public defender until a few days or moments before their trial starts. To help you afford your own attorney, you may be able to make payment arrangements with your attorney that will involve making a retainer payment and a series of installment until the case is resolved.

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