Why You Should Never Go To Court Without A DUI Attorney

15 November 2017
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Just because you have the legal right to represent yourself in court doesn't mean that you should, especially when it comes to DUI cases. There is a lot that you may not be aware of that could damage your case. To help you understand the importance of retaining a DUI attorney to represent you, you will want to read the following points.

You Could End Up Disrupting The Court Process

If you represent yourself in court, there is a good chance that you may accidentally speak out of turn, miss an invaluable moment to object to something from the prosecution, or try to add opinions when opinions should be left out. This will cause the judge to have to stop, correct you, and then refocus his or her attention to getting the case to move forward. This disruption of the court process may work out poorly for you. It is much better to have a legal professional right there by your side who will know when it is proper timing to say or do certain things in order to help your case.

You Could End Up With A More Severe Sentence

If you want to make sure that you are getting as light of a sentence as possible, especially if you are a first time offender with no criminal history, you will want to have a DUI attorney by your side. Even though a DUI is a serious matter, an attorney may be able to convince the judge that you have learned your lesson and a punishment such as fines and community service would be best, so that you can give back to the community. If you were to try to represent yourself, you may have a much harder time getting a judge to see your side of things, simply because you lack courtroom experience, and you could end up with jail time. If you are employed or have a family to take care of, this could be extremely traumatic.

It is important to make sure that you are taking a small amount of time to have a sit down conversation with a few different DUI attorneys from firms like Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson before selecting the one that you will hire for assistance. This will allow you to get a feel for how much knowledge the attorney has, as well as how easy it is for the two of you to communicate with one another, as clear communication is essential in any legal case.