3 Tricky Ways Speeding Laws Can Blindside You

15 August 2018
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The advent of remote and camera technologies has given governments at both state and local levels plenty of tools to hit motorists with speeding tickets. Law enforcement also uses tricky legal arguments and even psychological gimmicks to get convictions for violations. Keep an eye out for these three ways the police may attempt to nail you for speeding.


Simple tricks are often the best tricks, and this includes dealing with conversations you have with the police during a traffic stop. An officer who's a little iffy on whether they really have everything they need to hit a driver with a traffic ticket may try to induce a confession. The conversation may start with a simple question, such as saying, "Do you know how fast you were going?" The right answer to this question is something like, "I wasn't going that fast."

Bear in mind American law permits the police to lie in order to coax an admission of guilt. A cop may claim you were going a particular speed, but stand your ground and put the pressure on him to do his job. With a little luck, the officer will let you go with a warning.

Camera-Issued Tickets

Few moments will leave you feeling as blindsided as getting a ticket in the mail because an automated system said you were speeding. These ones can be especially tricky to fight, and the support of a traffic ticket defense lawyer may be necessary. As is the case with many types of technologies used to survey speeds, the best defense is often to compel the police to produce maintenance records for the calibration of all the devices in question in a case. Even one gap in the logs may provide sufficient grounds for a ticket dismissal.

Unsafe at Any Speed

Among the more absurd legal arguments the police may attempt to use to justify a speeding ticket is to claim that your speed was unsafe relative to the conditions. These laws exist to ensure that cops have the right to issue tickets during serious weather events, such as snow emergencies and hurricanes. That means you might actually get nailed for driving below the posted speed limit.

One question to raise about such a speeding ticket is whether an actual emergency had been declared. The cops do like to use this approach when they get something wrong, so be tough about challenging it.

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