Defending Yoruself Against A Traffic Violation

9 June 2021
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Traffic infractions and violations can be among the most common reasons for individuals to find themselves facing legal problems. While traffic tickets and other infractions may be fairly routine, there is enough misinformation about these situations to make it hard for individuals to effectively manage these issues.

Myth: Lawyers Can Only Help With Serious Traffic Infractions

When a person is charged with a DUI or other serious traffic infraction, they may appreciate the benefits of having a professional attorney represent them. However, they may not realize that these professionals can also assist with more minor traffic infractions, such as speeding tickets. While these issues may seem like there is little that can be done to defend yourself, there are actually a number of strategies that are available. For example, the attorney may be able to directly negotiate with the prosecutor, or they may be able to gather the evidence to prove the officer that issued the infraction was wrong.

Myth: Any Lawyer Can Assist With Traffic Law Matters

Typically, individuals will want to choose an attorney that has a history of representing the types of cases that they have. While traffic violations may not seem like a complex area of law, there are countless regulations and large amounts of case law that will determine the rights of those accused of these infractions, along with the types of punishments that are acceptable. Having a detailed understanding of these factors can be an important tool for anyone that is attempting to navigate the process of defending themselves against this charge.  

Myth: The Costs Of Hiring A Traffic Lawyer Will Be Too Much To Be Worth It

While your traffic lawyer will charge fees to represent you, it is important to note that these fees are usually fairly modest, and they can end up saving you a lot of problems and further expenses. For example, a person that is convicted of a traffic violation can see their insurance rates substantially increase, and if they are a professional driver, they may have difficulty with finding work in the future. Depending on the severity of the violation and the history of the driver, it may even be possible for their license to be suspended as a result of the infraction, which could cause major disruptions to their lives. The high costs of these infractions coupled with the relatively low costs of professional representation can make hiring an attorney to help you through this process the right choice in most cases.

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